Ice Sculpting

Ice sculpting

Try making your own ice sculpture after a crash course with one of the builders of the ice hotel.

In the 1870s the river was leased to the Duke of Roxbourgh. Since then, new generations of lords and other people have tried their luck fishing in the river, and allowed themselves to be enchanted by the magnificent nature. Alta River is also a popular destination for the city’s population.

ice Sculpting

Crash course with one of the ice hotel builders where you learn how to work with the fascinating icy material.

Dec 20 - April 7
Upon Request
2 Hours
Group size
4 - 20 Persons
895, -pp / 525 child 5-12 yrs
About the tour

Tour description

Come and join one of the builders of the ice hotel and learn all the inn-and outs of working with ice and the process of turning it into a sculpture.


Thermal suit & winter boots if needed.

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